I. Nominations for a Porter, Cook or Guide must be made by a registered Tour Operators, KGA, TTGA, TPO, KILI MERU, KPA, NCPG, MMPA, member.

II. Nominations may also be made for a colleague, or individuals may nominate themselves.

III. Entries which are incomplete, or completed incorrectly, will be disqualified.

IIII. Entries must be submitted in the form stated on the nomination page, within the nomination period.

V. The nomination period opens on 01October  2019, and will close on 28 January 2020.

VI. All entries must be received by 12.00 midnight on 28 January 2020 to be considered.

VII. The top 9 nominees for each category will be announced on 08 April 2020.

VIII. The finalists Bush Challenge start 19 April 2020, and close on 09 May 2020.

IX. Tanzania Tour Guide Awards reserves the right, in extenuating circumstances, to cancel the awards programme at any time and shall not have any liability whatsoever to nominees, but will reimburse sponsors all remaining funds at the time of cancelation.

X. Tanzania Tour Guide Awards Ceremony Committee are committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of nominees, registrants and members
submitting nominations.

XI. Nominees will be reviewed by the Award Ceremony Committee, and all decisions are final.

XII. The committee will analyze and identify the top three nominees for each category to be placed on the ballot for voting.

XIII. Only one winner will be chosen from each category, based on the total number of votes.

XIV. The winner of each category will not be announced until the Award Ceremony on 06 June 2020.

XV. Sponsor logos will remain on the Award Ceremony website until promotion begins for the 2021 Awards Ceremony.

*Additional benefits and terms for Sponsors are available in the sponsorship booklet. (Download booklet link) To request this information please email manager@tourguideawards.org or events@tourguideawards.org​

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